Note to self.  To install Witcher and bypass the minimum system requirements check:

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Move to the witcher installation folder.

Find the file called witcher.exe.

Make a shortcut to this file.  The location is up to you, I chose the desktop.

Right click on the shortcut and select properties.

Add the little part below at the end of the Target property:

“C:\GOG Games\The Witcher Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut\System\witcher.exe” -dontForceMinReqs.


That’s all you need to skip the warning check.  I just did it and watched the opening cinematic.  Then I wrote this for my future self and now I will return to play.  This tip should work for Witcher if you buy it from Steam or from GOG.  I am doing the install on Windows 7, the trick should work to bypass the system requirements check on Windows 8 and other versions too.

Another not: I installed this on a Macbook Pro through Bootcamp.  I have the retail edition of Witcher and I chose to install with GOG because it comes with the free update and is DRM free.  I’m really looking forward to playing and love the dark atmosphere so far.  A good day.

3 Responses to Witcher Minimum System Requirements Not Met Warning Bypass

  1. Garu says:

    It worked great thanks man. Had to put a space between the two statements. The game runs smoothly on low. I’m about to try it out on S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 3 since I had a similar problem.

  2. Diki says:

    Still cant pass the force… -.-.

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