Continuing to set up my home server LAMP stack for programming I needed Netbeans PHP.  Here, for my future reference, is how I did it.  This is on a live USB version of Ubuntu 12.04LTS, but should work well for most installs.

  1. Download the Netbeans IDE.  Go to NetbeansDOTorg.  Hit Download and you’re looking for the HTML5 & PHP edition.  Download that to your downloads folder.
  2. You’ll need Java SDK installed.  It’s called JDK and there’s an open source version to use for Ubuntu.  Open Terminal and type:
  3. sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk
  4. This will install JDK, now you’re ready to install Netbeans.
  5. In Terminal, and assuming you downloaded Netbeans into the Downloads folder, type:
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sh /home/ubuntu/Downloads/netbeans-7.4-php-linux-sh

It might be different depending on which version of Netbeans you downloaded!  Might be 7.5, 7.6 or whatever.

Once that’s finished installing you need to find where it’s installed.  To find your Netbeans install type the following into Terminal:

sudo find / -name netbeans 2> /dev/null

I have no idea what the end of the command does.  I found it on StackOverflow when I was doing this the first time.

This will then tell you where Netbeans has installed itself.  Mine was in Netbeans-7.4/bin.  So go to your Netbeans location and you will see two ee-ex-ee files and a plain file.  The plain file is the Linux Netbeans starter.  So tap that to start your Netbeans install.

Additional comment – If you want to not have to type in sudo everytime and make yourself permanent root permissions user on Ubuntu just type:

  • sudo -i

Warning, that makes you root!  Which is a massive security hole.  Only do it if you really know what you’re doing or it’s a closed, offline system.  I do not recommend this and I do not know how to reverse this, but there must be a way.  I just found it using Google.

Error “Target Folder can not be created”

Additional comment 2 – you might not be able to write to the /var/www/ folder because you don’t have root permissions.  Solve this using chmod.  Open Terminal and type:

  • sudo chmod 777 /var/www/

Again, this is a security risk.  Only do it if you know what you are doing, but it is safer than sudo -i above and I use it on my development machine .

This is the end of the installing Netbeans PHP on Ubuntu Linux guide.

I hope this helped.  Thanks for reading and leave a comment if it did.

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