This is how I fixed the bug/glitch on Sleeping Dogs SWAT DLC that stops you taking the sharpshooter gun from the spotter in the hostage missions.  The spotter will be scared or afraid of you every time you go to take the weapon from him.  The yellow icon above his head will also disappear when you get close.

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The solution is to WALK to the spotter!  running when close makes the spotter afraid.  I have no idea why this happens.  I suspect it is a bug or glitch with this DLC (the game is really buggy anyway, right, but it’s still awesome!).

What I did was start the hostage mission again after getting a fresh SWAT van from the Police camp.  Then drive to the mission area.  Park the vehicle close to the spotter, then walk to him.  Do not run at all, just walk.

I am playing Sleeping Dogs on my PC using Steam and this method of walking not running worked.  After you get the weapon from the spotter just move to the orange spot marked on the map and do your thing.

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