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Now, on to the feedback:

  • Is it just me, or does your feed lean a little too pro-Apple/anti-Android? No, it’s not just me. Maybe it’s your sources.

It does.  Mostly because Android is not in the news very much, or cutting edge enough.  It’s mostly the 100 new Android smartphones of the week style news.  Which is not news.  If you know any good feeds I could add for Android, drop them in the the feedback box and I’ll add them.

  • What happened to most popular?

It’s right at the top as usual on the front page.  For sub pages, you’ll need to use the yellow highlighted SHOW tab/button/link at the top right of the page.

And now for the weeks fixes:

  • Show HN! is broken.

The Show HN feed was one of my favorites.  It linked to a tumblr blog that contained just the SHOW HN items from Hacker News.  I’m sad to see it go.  Anyone know any replacements let me know by leaving a comment here or drop something into the feedback box on the main site.

  • the favicon link for bijan Sabet is incorrect.  It should be not

Added to to-fix list.

And that’s all the feedback this week!  Site is going well, traffic up, users enjoying…category/user types still causing issues (Apple fanbois clicking on anything Apple and drowning the popular list :) ).  Still no hope of ever getting any Google traffic (too many links on page)…

All is well.


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