An interesting article on Hacker News preferences here has resulted in an interim solution to the “which feeds get top position” problem.

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In particular the relevant section is titled: Post Performance By Content’s Domain Name.  It charts which domains are most popular to hacker news readers, and hence, skimfeed readers.

Following this discovery, Skimfeed news aggregator will now attempt to have similar feed positions to the top domains on hacker news.

Skimfeed does use tracking on which feed links are most popular, This is already capable of inferring which feeds are most popular, but bias from those above the fold has resulted in erroneous data.  The goal with that data would be to automagically rearrange feeds based on popularity of links.  The bias mentioned above has resulted in that not being implemented.

For now, Skimfeed news feed arrangement has been updated in line with the article mentioned above.



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