Skimfeed is a news feed Aggregator. RSS news aggregating gets RSS or XML feeds and processes them into single news feeds.  This is essentially what Skimfeed does.

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If you are reading this, now is a good time to go to the main Skimfeed News Aggregator.  The rest of this prose is poorly written random news feed based knowledge.

The News feeds you see on Skimfeed are hand picked for quality and relevance on a per category basis.  No bad hood RSS feeds of XML feeds are allowed and all input is pre-checked.  If downloaded news feeds are no longer relevant to their particular topic they are removed.  The Verge feed is removed because it uses a particular method of separating the items in the feed.  Using Entry instead of Item to distinguish news items.  The Verge news feed needs special parsing to process, which takes time.

Skimfeed news aggregator is made to be automatic, requiring little news feed maintenance over time.  Once set, Skimfeed continues to download news feeds using RSS and XML over time.  At this point, I’m running out of things to say but I hear Google likes this kinda stuff so I’ll continue.

The main Tech page on Skimfeed contains over 50 News feeds including the following:

  • Gawker RSS feed.
  • Business Insider RSS feed.
  • Techcrunch feed.
  • Lifehacker feed.
  • Arstechnica feed.

Google has a news reader you might be itnerested in.  It is more specific than Skimfeed but not as easy to use.  Getting RSS news feeds is easy, actually using them and displaying the news items in a way that is beautifully and easy on the eye is difficult.  This is where many claim Google’s news reader falls short.


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